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Van Lester y Los Generales


Van Lester


Quantity of one of album jacket in “CMYK 4 colors 400 grams”, inner paper sleeve with clear plastic protection, 33RPM 180-gram pearl-white colored vinyl record consisting of eco-friendly materials and produced with DMM technology with 4 songs on Side A and 5 songs on Side B. Outer plastic sleeve sealed with circular silver hologram sticker containing a random, repeating pattern of the words "ORIGINAL" and "AUTHENTIC" with a unique serial number, which is printed in green ink. Limited edition vinyl record.


Recording tags in the 1980s amplified a new tendency to record music in the studio in a more efficient way that would essentially destroy the chemistry of having the entire band present to record 'live'. To record, labels required only the best studio musicians, used by major labels (such as MP, TH, and Sony Music), for most recordings, inevitably the major cause of the 'lost act' of the 1960s and 1970s. In the 1980s, it was not strange to see the names of the band members and a list of the musicians who make the studio recordings.

In the 1990s, it was rare to see an artist enter a recording studio with a whole band in-studio, but in 1996, vocalist Van Lester entered Sir Sound Studios to direct a "Hall of Fame" orchestra of all-stars that took a page of "Old Skool".

Imagine the atmosphere with José Mangual Jr, Milton Cardona & Joe 'El Profesor’ Torres (Hector Lavoe), trumpeters Héctor ‘Bomberito’ Zarzuela (Fania All Stars) & Ite Jerez, bassist Victor Venegas (Mongo Santamaria), timbalero Harry Adorno, trombones of Reinaldo Jorge Leopoldo Pineda & Lewis Kahn (the three Fania All Stars), Willie Amadeo with minor percussion and the choirs of Adalberto Santiago (Ray Barretto/FAS) & Nestor Sanchez (Larry Harlow). This project has been now remastered and re-issued on CD and, for the first time, on a limited vinyl record format for all collectors!

What Van Lester presents us is what the music industry should return to… a great vocalist feeding off the energy that a 'live' band presents in the studio… all together. Witness a History Band from 1996 with current technology!


This record is produced with DMM technology and presented by Cookita Productions in association with Cassio Records.

Nelson Rodríguez - Radio Host en Alma Del Barrio (KXLU-Los Angeles), WorldSalsaRadio.Com y Sabor Boricua Radio, HerenciaLatina.Com Journalist/Historiador,  Journalist/Reviewer.


SIDE A (Total Time: 18:30)
La Isla De Sabrosura       4:49
Este Es El Momento        4:28
Ya No Queda Nada         4:04
Eres Niña                        5:09

SIDE B (Total Time: 19:41)
Simplemente Fui Yo        3:26
Para Compartir               4:15
Yo No Te Puedo Negar   3:30
Solo Para Usted             3:50
La Princesa De Amor     4:40

A Live In-Studio Recording


Canta y Compositor Musical: Van Lester

Coros: Adalberto Santiago, Nestor Sanchez (RIP)

Trompetas: Hector “Bomberito” Zarzuela (RIP), Ite Jerez

Trombones: Reynaldo Jorge, Lewis Kahnn (RIP), Leopoldo Pineda (RIP)

Piano: Joe “Profesor” Torres (RIP)

Bajo: Victor Venegas (RIP)

Congas: Milton Cardona (RIP)

Bongo: Jose Mangual, Jr.

Timbal: Harry Adorno (RIP)

Maracas & Güiro: Willie Amadeo

Violines: Lewis Kahnn (RIP), Niki Matsoukas

Arreglistas: Angel Nieves (1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9), Juan Rivera (2, 4, 6), Maximo Torres (5)


Grabados: Estudios (Sir Sound) New York City, USA

Ingeniero: Carlos Ordenhi

Asistentes de Ingeniero: Jeff Crews, Mario de Jesus

Mezclado y Re-masterizado: Eric Maldonado, PARIS Recording Studio, Florida, USA

Productor y Director Musical: Van Lester

Productor Ejecutivo: William Melendez

Co-Productor: Ralph Riley

Vinyl Production: Cassio Records Limited,

Cookita Productions, Florida, USA,

Cover Art & Design: Caine Wong

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