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True Flight


Victor Rendón & Bronx Conexion Latin Jazz Big Band


Quantity of one of album jacket in “CMYK 4 colors 400 grams”, inner paper sleeve with clear plastic protection, 33RPM 180-gram clear-transparent colored vinyl record consisting of eco-friendly materials and produced with DMM technology with 4 songs on Side A and 4 songs on Side B. Outer plastic sleeve sealed with circular silver hologram sticker containing a random, repeating pattern of the words "ORIGINAL" and "AUTHENTIC" with a unique serial number, which is printed in green ink. Limited edition vinyl record with a bonus track.


The Bronx Conexión Latin-Jazz Big Band is a dynamic twenty-piece ensemble led by percussionist, composer, and arranger, educator Victor Rendón.
Established by Rendón in 2012, with the support of the Lehman College Music Department, the Bronx Conexión began as a “jazz” rehearsal band, performing stock charts by Count Basie, Thad Jones and Mel Lewis. The breakthrough came when Rendón, trombonist Rick Faulkner and pianist Joe Mannozzi decided to include new, original material. Today, the repertoire includes a wide variety of music that appeals to listeners and dancers alike, including original compositions and selections influenced by the songbooks of Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez, Mario Bauza and Chico O’ Farrill among others.

Rendón’s “secret weapons” are the core players; seasoned, musicians and composers with a broad range of experience and guests: trumpeter Claudio Roditi, John “Dandy” Rodriguez on bongos, tenor saxophonists Lew Tabackin, Lou Marini Jr. and Jorge Maldonado on guiro and maracas.
True Flight – Vinyl Edition – highlights the band’s virtuosity and offers a spectacular array of music. Tunes such as Café Sin Leche and True Flight merge mambo with traces of Cuban Timba; master percussionist Wilson “Chembo” Corniel's stretches wonderfully on Buena Gente; a Mambo in the style of Beny Moré and the swinging, Oriente. Vocalist, Cascadú is featured on the Brazilian Groove, Island Woman. The group also performs a moving interpretation of Carlos Santana’s Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile) featuring Joe Stelluti on tenor sax.

The ensemble has performed at the Johnny Pacheco Latin Music & Jazz Festival and various functions at Lehman College. Also, the band held a six-year residency at the renowned Nuyorican Poets Café, where it performed regularly on the second Tuesday of every month.
Much like the stunning cover art, by graphic artist, Victor Manuel Rendón, whose artwork depicts the performers ascending on a journey of creation as they strive for True Flight, the album marks a new chapter in the Bronx Conexión's trajectory. Listen and dance to the exciting, joyous sounds of an ensemble that is destined for greatness.


SIDE A (Total Time: 21:57)
True Flight                        4:52
Generoso                         6:14
Café Sin Leche                5:26
Europa                             5:25

SIDE B (Total Time: 22:04)
Buena Gente                  6:42
Island Woman                5:44
Oriente                           6:19
Tres Palabras                 3:19 (Bonus Track)

Special Guests:
Claudio Roditi
Johnny Rodríguez
Lew Tabackin
Lou Marini, Jr.
Jorge Maldonado

Victor Rendón - timbales, batá (Iyá), shekere, quijada (jawbone of donkey), frog rasp, rainstick, Wilson “Chembo” Corniel - congas, batá (Itótele), campana, woodblocks, clave, ocean drum, Cascadú - shekere, cajón base, batá (Okónkolo), pandeiro, cuica, triangle, cricket, tan-tan, shakers, frog rasp, woodblocks, windchimes, pods, rainstick, and other miscellaneous percussion, Yasuyo Kimura – bongó & cencerro, shekere, guataca, shaker, cajón repicador, frog rasp, agogo

Cascadú - “Island Woman”

Ron Smith

Flute - Jessica Valiente
Alto Saxophone - Al Acosta
Alto Saxophone / Clarinet - Debra Kreisberg
Tenor Saxophone / Flute - Joe Stelluti, Chris Stelluti
Baritone Saxophone / Clarinet - Karl Watson

Trumpet / Flugel - Anibal Martínez, Guido Gonzalez, John Replogle, Kathleen Doran
Trombones - Rick Faulkner

Joe Mannozzi

Ray Martínez

Claudio Roditi – trumpet solo on “Café Sin Leche” 
Johnny Rodríguez – bongos on “Generoso”, “Europa”, & “Oriente”
Jorge Maldonado - maracas & güiro on “Generoso”, “Europa” & “Oriente, ” 
Lew Tabackin - tenor sax solo on “La Buena Gente”
Lou Marini, Jr. – tenor sax solo on “Island Woman”

Produced by Victor Rendón
Recorded at "Songs for You" by John Díaz
Mastered by Guido Díaz
Mixed by: John Díaz. Joe Mannozzi, Wilson "Chembo' Corniel, Cascadú & Victor Rendón
Cover art: Victor Manuel Rendón
Band photo: Keren Plowden
Graphic design: Angel Rosado
Vinyl production manager: Ralph Riley

Victor Rendón Website: 
Bronx Conexion Websites:
Contact Victor Rendón:
Cassio Records:    

Record Labels
Tortilla Flat Music / Bronx Conexion Music Enterprises / Cassio Records Limited

Bonus Historic Track: Tres Palabras – Osvaldo Farres; arranged by Chico O’ Farrill
Recorded at the iconic Nola Recording Studio (NYC) on August 16th, 1994. “Tres Palabras” was originally released on the Armando Rodriguez / Victor Rendón Latin Jazz Orchestra, “Havana Blues” CD, 1998. With Chico O’Farrill conducting an all-star lineup, this historic track included Victor Paz, Manny Duran, Jerry Dodgion, Papo Vasquez, Arturo O’Farrill, Andy Gonzalez, Giovanni Hidalgo, and John Almendra, among others. Consequently, this session was the seed for the creation of the Bronx Conexión Latin Jazz Big Band 14 years later. 

Musicians for “Tres Palabras” Session

  Victor Paz, Jim Seeley, Manny Duran, Armando Rodriguez

  Jerry Dodgion, Peck Allmond, Bobby Franceschini, Enrique Fernandez, Pablo Calogero

  Gerald Chamberlain, Papo Vasquez, Dave Chamberlain, Earl Mcintyre

  Arturo O’ Farrill

  Andy Gonzalez

  Giovanni Hidalgo

  John Almendra

  Victor Rendón

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