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Luis González

Luis González, a professional trumpet player and musical director, was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico on 15 March 1954. Having worked in music for around 50 years, this trumpeter and conductor began his career in 1968 when he belonged to the Youth Orchestra in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where he grew up). Four years later (1972) he returned to Puerto Rico and rose to prominence as a trumpeter with the Orquesta Concepto Latino de Arecibo, with which he accompanied Celia Cruz, Tito Allen, Santitos Colón and Adalberto Santiago, among others.  He then entered the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music, finishing his baccalaureate in music.  

While already in full evolution in the musical staff for the 1980s, he traveled to New York City where he resided and worked in internationally renowned orchestras such as those of: Ray Barreto (his undeniable mentor in art), Luis "Perico" Ortiz and Conjunto Clásico.   By 1991 he returned again to Puerto Rico and was also part of prominent internationally renowned orchestras such as: Super Apollo by Roberto Roena, Willie Rosario, Tommy Olivencia, Bobby Valentín, Puerto Rican


In 2009 he created his own orchestra (Luis González and his Orchestra "El Tsunami de la Salsa") composed of 12 outstanding professional musicians, most of whom had a vast musical career; both locally and internationally. It is currently considered one of the best salsa orchestras in Puerto Rico.

In 2010 he released his first album called "Tributo A Un Gigante", which was distinguished and recognised as one of the 20 most outstanding musical productions of the year by the National Foundation for Popular Culture of Puerto Rico. A second production in 2015, "Si Te Preguntan...", repeated the same feat and led him to gain notoriety on the airwaves of local and international salsa.  


In 2017, after the ravages of hurricanes Irma and María (in Puerto Rico), his social commitment became a song, creating and producing, together with Nino Segarra, a collective anthem entitled "Entre amigos... Después de la Tempestad"; bringing together several outstanding singers and musicians from the country.

On 12 May 2018, Luis González was inducted into the Puerto Rico Music Hall of Fame; his musical career of more than 45 years was recognised with the "Santa Cecilia Award". He has also received several awards for his musical career, including: Radio Difusores, Productores de Salsa y Jazz de Puerto Rico.  He is an active member of the distinguished Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (“Latin Grammy Awards”).  And in 2019, he was a participant in the Review and Selection Committees in charge of the analysis of the Tropical category nomination; which took place in Miami, Florida.  They were recognized at the 20th Annual Latin Grammy Awards for that same year.  

On 24 February 2020, he participated as a jury member at the 2020 Festival of Orchestras, invited by the city of Barranquilla, Colombia; this as part of the Barranquilla Carnival.  

Currently, he is working on his fourth musical production, which will be titled: “50 años… mi música… mi pasión! It will be launched in early 2022, as a celebration of his 50 years in music.  This musical production will feature outstanding and distinguished internationally renowned arrangers, such as: Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Oscar Hernández, Isidro Infante, Javier Fernández, Ricky González, Pedro Bermúdez, Roberto Pérez and Carlos Torres. This production promises to captivate the dancing public. 


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50 Años Mi Música Mi Pasión!

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