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​50 Años Mi Música Mi Pasión!


Luis González


Quantity of one of album jacket in “CMYK 4 colors 400 grams”, inner paper sleeve with clear plastic protection, 33RPM 180-gram transparent gold-colored vinyl record produced with DMM technology with 5 songs on Side A and 5 songs on Side B. Outer plastic sleeve sealed with circular silver hologram sticker containing a random, repeating pattern of the words "ORIGINAL" and "AUTHENTIC" with a unique serial number, which is printed in green ink. Limited edition vinyl record.


Luis González, a professional trumpet player and musical director, was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Having worked in music for around 50 years, this trumpeter and conductor began his career in 1968 when he belonged to the Youth Orchestra in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where he grew up). Four years later (1972) he returned to Puerto Rico and rose to prominence as a trumpeter with the Orquesta Concepto Latino de Arecibo, with which he accompanied Celia Cruz, Tito Allen, Santitos Colón and Adalberto Santiago, among others. He then entered the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music, where he earned his baccalaureate in music.


In 2022, he released his fourth musical production titled “50 Años… Mi Música… Mi Pasión!” This musical production will feature outstanding and distinguished internationally renowned arrangers, such as: Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Oscar Hernández, Isidro Infante, Javier Fernández, Ricky González, Pedro Bermúdez, Roberto Pérez and Julito Alvarado. This production promises to captivate the dancing public.


Side A:

1. Ley Natural (5:30)
Compositor: Francisco “Chalina” Alvarado
Arreglo: Oscar Hernandez 
Canta: Rafy Arroyo

2. Naciste Rumbero (4:38)
Compositor: Yova Rodriguez
Arreglo: Javier Fernandez 
Canta: Ricky Ramos

3. 50 Aniversario (4:57)
Compositor: Eliu de Jesus
Arreglo: Roberto Perez
Canta: Rafy Arroyo

4. Receta Pa’l Bailador (5:10)
Compositor: Ricky Ramos
Arreglo: Isidro Infante
Canta: Ricky Ramos

5. Nuestra Orquesta (4:42)
Compositor: Ricky Ramos
Arreglo: Pedro Bermudez
Canta: Ricky Ramos / Rafy Arroyo

Side B:

1. Adios me Voy (5:18)
Compositor: Luis “Perico” Ortiz
Arreglo: Luis “Perico” Ortiz
Canta: Rafy Arroyo

2. El Vacilon de Juan Ramon (4:56)
Compositor: Francisco “Chalina” Alvarado
Arreglo: Ricky González
Canta: Rafy Arroyo/Ricky Ramos

3. Yo No Soy Un Angel (5:16)
Compositor: Cucco PENA/ Garcia Guadalupe
Arreglo: Oscar Hernandez
Canta: Ricky Ramos

4. Instrumento (5:10)
Compositor: Pedro Arroyo
Arreglo: Javier Fernandez
Canta: Ricky Ramos / Pedro Arroyo

5. Pa’ La Gente(4:27)
(Homenaje a Jose “Cuco” Perez, Orq. Concepto Latino
Compositor: Onorio Rivera
Arreglo: Julito Alvarado
Canta: Ricky Ramos


PIANO: Rafael “Bodo” Torres  
BAJO:  Jesus Soto
TROMPETA / FLISCORNIO: Luis González, Jorge “Ito” Torres, Simon Rivera  
TROMBON: Jorge Echevarria
CONGAS: Jorge “Yoyo” Ocasio
BONGÓ Y CAMPANA: Wilfredo “Goyo” Rosario

Músicos Invitados

-    Jan Duclerc
-    Jesús Alonso
-    Julito Alvarado
-    Pedro Bermudez
-    Efrain Hernandez
-    William “Cachiro” Thompson & Richard Carrasco
-    Gamalier González
-    COROS: Juan Bautista | Darvel Garcia | Jose Luis “Chegui” Ramos (QEPD) | Hector “Pichie” Perez 
-    TAMBORES BATA: Antony Carrillo | Juanchi Sanchez
-    PRODUCCIÓN EJECUTIVA: Luis González | Elizabeth Chinea (Orquesta de Luis González Inc.)
-    ESTÚDIOS DE GRABACIÓN: Rolo Recording Studio
-    MEZCLA Y MASTERIZACIÓN: Vinny Urrutia | ASISTENTE Carlos M. Rivera (Indio) - INDIO  STUDIO | 
-    ARTE Y DIAGRAMACION: Kerrwitg Perez – One Click Media 
-    Miguel Mitchel Photography/Eduardo Perez Studio 

Esta produccion esta dedicada a la memoria del que fuera nuestro querido companero de la Orquesta, el Maestro Edwin Rodríguez (qepd).

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